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Interim Management
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We combine the specific needs of organizations and the experience and expertise from the market.

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A suitable person with the best background.


We do as we promise.


Based on achieving concrete results for decision-making.

Risk Management

Minimizing risks associated for the recruitment.


Flexible solution for every customer's need.


We are a long-term partner.


Skilled experts guarantee success.


Customized solutions for the customer.


Projects are executed swiftly.


Work starts immediately.


We bring the best options.


We guarantee the expertise.


Executive Talent

We seek and track down key personnels for the customer, who have the vision, motivation and ability to act according to the company's values. Our way of working is to handle the search for key persons tacitly, discreetly and confidentially.

We are going through your company's culture, values, strategy, and building together goals as to what kind of leader and key person we are looking for for your business.

By utilizing this information and our extensive networks as well as our modern tools we can help your business get the best candidates for the right job.

Talent Combination Search

Talent Combination search is an effective way to get key people and experts when the inquiry is accessible. In this search method we combine the best of direct and media search. Simultaneously, we search for the right people using modern mechanisms in different networks and we support the search by multiple means of media in different recruitment channels.

With this process, we can quickly find suitable candidates for your business.

Interim Management

Talent Pro

We manage a pool of hundreds of experienced interim managers for all industries, enabling a very rapid response to the changing needs of our customers. For our clients, we value the proficiency of our experienced managers, and we tailor a cost-effective solution for each project. Through us, you will find a solution in both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as big businesses, regardless of industry.

Our service

Through Talent Pro services, we help our customers develop, build, refurbish and renovate business to ensure future growth. Through a comprehensive experience, the interim manager introduces new ideas and approaches to business. In the flexible utilization, takeover, resourcing of corporate acquisitions and generations, we are a trusted partner to ensure the implementation of the transaction.




Jan Bjugg

Senior Partner

Jukka Tuli

Executive Consultant

Leif Backman

Executive Consultant

Carl Nykopp

Executive Consultant

Jan Ahlroth

Executive Consultant

Timo Mehto

Executive Consultant

Tanja Kailajärvi


Janne Mattila


Petri Nordlund

Executive Consultant

Aki Peiju

Executive Consultant

Taru Lehto

Interim Researcher

Mae Lehto


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